Let's try this again

04 January 2013 |

I’ve tried blogging before, but always stop after a few days. This time, it’s different!

Here’s why:

  1. Jekyll: Low friction way to quickly and eaisly create a blog with support for categories, tags and pagination. I’m using Jekyll Bootstrap, which adds an extra layer of convenience over standard Jekyll.
  2. Markdown: Easily write up articles without messing around with HTML tags
  3. GitHub pages: Low friction way to host a blog, deploy new articles and update existing ones. Simply type git push and you’re done.
  4. Disqus: Easily add commenting support to static websites. Widely supported commenting platform. Your visitors likely already have accounts. This comes built into JB.
  5. More content: I have a lot more to talk about than the last time. / Moral of the story: Keep it simple, silly. Make it as easy as possible to do something and it’ll get done.


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